7 Straightforward Recovery Tips For Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder surgery can help give you back your range of motion and your freedom. However, during the recovery process, your range of motion will be limited, which means that you will need some handy strategies to get through the recovery process after your surgery without hurting yourself.  

Get Your Oversized T-Shirts and Button-Down Shirts Ready 

Getting dressed can be challenging when you can't raise your arms, which is why you are going to want to modify the type of shirts that you wear while your shoulder is healing. Button-down shirts that you can unbutton all the way before putting on can be a lot easier for you to put on. You may also want to get some big oversized t-shirts that can easily slide over your head, and will be really easy for you to get your arms through. Avoid tight shirts that will require you to lift up your arm to put them on. 

Have Easy-To-Slip on Bottoms 

When it comes to recovering from shoulder surgery, putting on a tight pair of jeans or leggings, and then dealing with complex buttons can be challenging when you are essentially working with one arm.  

Get some bottoms that you can easily put on and off only using one arm. Have some that are casual for around the home, and some that are a little nicer for wearing outside of the house. You will appreciate having pants that are easy to put on when you are recovering from shoulder surgery.  

Install a Detachable Shower Head 

See about adding a detachable shower head to your shower. This will allow you to grab the shoulder head and use it clean off your body, which may be a little challenging to do when you are recovering for your shoulder surgery.  

Get a Back Washer 

You are not going to be able to reach your arm around your back to clean it during the recovery process. Invest in a back-washing tool with a nice long handle so that you can keep your back and other parts of your body clean when your mobility is limited.  

Add a Chair to Your Shower

It is normal to feel some fatigue during the surgery recovery process, which is why it may be nice to add a chair to your shower. Being able to sit down may also make it easier for you to clean your hair and body with only one arm.  

Prepare Meals 

Before your surgery, prepare some meals ahead of time so that you don't have to spend lots of time in the kitchen preparing healthy food as you recover. Look up some healthy freezer recipes that will be quick to prepare during your recovery process. Having healthy food that you can quickly prepare will be really nice when everyday tasks seem to take more effort than usual.  

Get Lots of Sleep 

Finally, give yourself permission to get a lot of sleep! Getting a lot of sleep is one of the best ways to help your body recover for your shoulder surgery.  

Get your home ready for your shoulder surgery. To learn more, visit an orthopedic doctor.


10 October 2019

Relief for Shoulder Pain

Recently, my husband began experiencing shoulder pain. Suffering pain of any kind was unusual for him. Although, my husband is in his mid-forties, he enjoys amazingly good health. He’s rarely sick. He hardly ever complains about feeling badly. Because his shoulder pain lingered for a few weeks, he visited an orthopedic specialist. This individual informed my husband that he had bone spurs in his shoulder. He gave my husband a cortisone shot. My spouse’s physician also recommended that he begin rehabilitating his shoulder through exercise. On this blog, you will discover the best types of exercises for strengthening a painful and weak shoulder.