How Orthotics Help Retail Shop Owners Against Fallen Arches


Operating a retail shop can be a very rewarding experience but can be difficult in many ways. For example, some may experience fallen arches and struggle to stay on their feet all day at work. Thankfully, there are care options that can help with this problem and keep a person safe.

1. Fallen Arches are Very Painful

Fallen arches occur when the arch in a person's foot starts to flatten and is usually a problem for older individuals. However, this problem can happen to anybody and can be very painful for those who stand on their feet all day at their business. For example, fallen arches can cause excessive swelling on the inside of the ankle that can make it very hard for a person to stand up for long periods of time.

Even worse, standing for too long on fallen arches can cause the condition to worsen and trigger a shift in the heel bone that may make standing and walking too painful to tolerate. As a result, it is crucial for those working in retail to get help for this problem. Thankfully, orthotic support gear can help to keep their feet strong and avoid the kinds of complications that may occur as a result of fallen arches.

2. How Shoe Orthotics Help

Orthotics can fit comfortably in the bottom of a person's shoe and provide them with extra comfort and support. They are designed to help with a myriad of difficult and painful problems, including fallen arches. By supporting these arches properly, a person can avoid the pain that this condition creates and stay on their feet longer while they are at work every day.

Just as importantly, these orthotic care options can help support a person's foot if they need surgery to repair their fallen arches. While surgery isn't always necessary, some may need it if their arches fall too severely. After surgery, they'll need the extra support of orthotics to ensure that their feet are as strong as possible and to prevent the danger of total arch collapse, which may cause disfigured feet.

And if used properly and consistently enough, orthotics can help support one's feet well enough for their arches to heal back to normal. This result is one that requires a lot of patience, though, and may not occur in everybody. However, it is possible with orthotics on a person's treatment side. Contact an orthopedist to learn more. 


8 June 2020

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