Independent Medical Evaluation Provide A Clear Picture Of The Patient's Needs


Figuring out what is going on with a patient can take time. Whether you are an attorney who is trying to prove a personal injury case, or working for an insurance company and want to learn more about a patient, an independent orthopedic evaluation is valuable. You can send your client to an independent evaluation in order to gather the evidence you need to prove a case or support a claim that has been filed. Independent medical evaluations are an excellent way to get a second opinion and that opinion should be free of bias because the examiner has not met the patient before.

Understand the Patient's Needs

An independent medical evaluation will take a look at the patient to determine what the present circumstances are. Without a history of working with the patient, the medical provider isn't going to have any preconceived ideas about what this patient might be experiencing. The new evaluation may provide significant insight into treatment needs, and provide a valuable explanation of what is going on in order to help the patient.

New Problems May be Uncovered

During an independent medical evaluation, it is possible that the examiner will find answers to some of the issues the patient is experiencing. With a fresh view of the patient, the examiner might see things that another provider has missed. It is always useful to get another opinion, especially if the patient has serious injuries that they are unlikely to recover from.

Getting Your Client to an Independent Medical Evaluation

Your client may be tired of visiting doctors, but an independent medical evaluation can be significant to a legal case or insurance claim. Explain to the patient that it is important to have an outside provider take a look at their medical chart to determine if they have met a medical end to treatment. You want to let your client know that it is always in their best interest to get the care they deserve to heal from their injuries.

Independent medical evaluations can provide you with insight that you didn't have before. It is another set of eyes on a situation and can lead to further diagnosing a problem. When you are working with a client who is hurt, they may be resistant to seeing another doctor for their injuries. When you are clear that a second opinion is helpful, your client is more likely to be accommodating. 

For more info about independent orthopedic evaluations, contact a local professional. 


21 September 2022

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