Six Pieces Of Misinformation You May Come Across Regarding Orthotics


Orthotics are essential for patients who are dealing with certain issues affecting their feet. However, a lot of patients are reluctant to get orthotics due to misinformation that they've been exposed to. The following are six pieces of misinformation you may come across regarding orthotics. 

Only seniors need orthotics

It's not only seniors who benefit from custom orthotics. People of all ages can struggle with arch and gait issues that could make it so that they need orthotics. You shouldn't assume that you're too young to need orthotics because orthotics can really help you out regardless of how old you are. 

Orthotics can make up for low-quality shoes

Investing in orthotics is important. However, you also need to invest in high-quality shoes if you want to keep your feet, legs, and back healthy. Orthotics can't make up for low-quality shoes that don't provide adequate support. Discuss your choice of footwear with your orthopedist when you get orthotics. 

You can get effective orthotics over the counter from a pharmacy

The best way to ensure that you're getting complete support for your feet and legs is by investing in custom-made orthotics. Although over-the-counter orthotic products bought from a pharmacy might be adequate for some individuals with arch and foot support issues, you can't assume that these products will be adequate for your needs. 

Your shoes will be bulky and unsightly if you use orthotics

You don't have to look unfashionable or unattractive when you use orthotics. Orthotics can fit right into shoes that fit you perfectly while also looking attractive. It shouldn't be at all apparent that you're using orthotics, so they won't look unsightly or noticeable. 

Orthotics are always initially very uncomfortable

Some people think that orthotics take a long time to get used to. You might be reluctant to use orthotics because you think that orthotics are always uncomfortable when you first start wearing them. In fact, orthotics that fit your feet properly should offer improved comfort from the moment you first start using them. 

Your feet will be weakened by the use of orthotics

Don't assume that your feet will somehow become weaker over time if you begin using orthotics. Using orthotics won't make it so that you're dependent on orthotics or so that your feet worsen in condition as time goes on. Orthotics simply provide added support to your feet so that you avoid discomfort and enjoy advantages such as improved posture and balance. 

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31 March 2023

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