3 Reasons Your Attorney Will Send You To Get An Independent Medical Evaluation


If you have been injured at work and you have gone to see a personal injury attorney, they may want you to have an independent orthopedic evaluation on top of seeing the records that your doctor may have sent with you to give to your attorney. There are several reasons that your attorney will send you to see an orthopedic specialist that isn't affiliated with either you or them.  Objectivity

22 December 2020

What Your Orthopedic Surgeon Wants You To Know About Running


While running is a great way to stay in shape and get healthy, the activity does come with some risks. In fact, many people do become injured when they run. This could be because of issues with terrain or perhaps because of improper form. Orthopedic surgeons see a variety of injuries that result from running. If you want to run, this is what an orthopedic wants you to know. Know the Risks

29 July 2020

How Orthotics Help Retail Shop Owners Against Fallen Arches


Operating a retail shop can be a very rewarding experience but can be difficult in many ways. For example, some may experience fallen arches and struggle to stay on their feet all day at work. Thankfully, there are care options that can help with this problem and keep a person safe. 1. Fallen Arches are Very Painful Fallen arches occur when the arch in a person's foot starts to flatten and is usually a problem for older individuals.

8 June 2020

Tips For Avoiding And Addressing Orthopedic Injuries


Orthopedic problems can be extremely misunderstood by patients, and this can lead to these issues being far more disruptive than they have to be for the patient. Whether the orthopedic problems are the result of injuries, repetitive stress problems, or degenerative disease, patients that are well-informed about these problems and their treatments can better mitigate the threats that orthopedic issues can pose. Take Steps To Protect Your Joints From Common Injuries

11 February 2020