Chondromalacia Patella: Diagnosis And Treatment


Chondromalacia patella refers to the breakdown or deterioration of the cartilage located under your patella, also called the kneecap. It is often caused by overuse and playing sports, however, obesity can also raise your risk. Also called "runner's knee," chondromalacia patella can cause knee pain, inflammation and tenderness of the knee, and a grinding sensation in your knee. Here are some sports medicine interventions for diagnosing and treating chondromalacia patella. 

29 December 2022

Independent Medical Evaluation Provide A Clear Picture Of The Patient's Needs


Figuring out what is going on with a patient can take time. Whether you are an attorney who is trying to prove a personal injury case, or working for an insurance company and want to learn more about a patient, an independent orthopedic evaluation is valuable. You can send your client to an independent evaluation in order to gather the evidence you need to prove a case or support a claim that has been filed.

21 September 2022

Recovering With Sports Medicine Services


Depending on the type and severity of an injury, individuals may find that they will need to be treated by sports medicine professionals. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may not understand the process of recovering from these injuries or the type of treatment that sports medicine providers can offer. Sports Medicine Treats Injuries That May Not Be Related To Athletics While it is common for many of the patients that are being treated by a sports medicine service to be athletically active, this is not the case for every patient that they may be treating.

24 May 2022

Tips to Care for Your Feet During Pregnancy


Pregnancy means a lot of chances, in both your body and your life. While you are focusing on keeping your baby healthy and safe and battling some of the many pregnancy-related symptoms, including morning sickness, heartburn, and sore backs, there is another part of your body you need to pay attention to: your feet. Here are a few simple tips to help you care for your feet properly during pregnancy.

16 February 2022